2012 Report to the Derossi Foundation, 

from San Jose de Tesoro/Yalpemech and Asociacion Pro Biblioteca San Jose de Tesoro de Yalpemech.

News from the director, Sister Joannes Klas:

With the 2012 Lake Atitlan Libraries donation, we were able to purchase equipment for the library. We now have 4 computers with internet for study and research, one printer, a screen, and a projector, plus a monthly fee for the internet access. We provide a typing program on the computers so students can learn the keyboard. Our aim next year is to add textbooks and more books for the intermediate grades. Manuel and I work in the library every Monday. The other days, the students with scholarships tend the computers and the library. Each student is responsible for a day. We did this last year and plan to continue in this fashion. 

We received word in December from the Minister of Education that all students have to have the computer typing course Mecanet, so we will organize our students in this program using the new computers. I will be getting in touch with John Van Keppel of Child Aid in 2013 to select new books for the Library. We are so thankful for the help we have received. 

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